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When Ottawa was founded and populated by some of the first white men and women of this region, most of the area surrounding the town site was covered with dense vegetation and muck from the Great Black Swamp. Living here was hard work and took its toll on even the hardiest of the settlers to the region. Many died from fevers and ague, and many died from accidents trying to clear the area to become what is now rich farmland and the site of thriving industry. Of necessity, land had to be set aside for the burial of these casualties of time and hardship, and when, in the mid-1830s, John Huber died, it fell to Stansbury Suttons father to select a site to receive the body. Stansbury Sutton selected the place known as the old Grave Yard, (Old Indian Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery), north of the Tawa run, on the north side of Tawa. Many burials followed and included some of the most prominent people amongst the early settlers, Ridenours, Adgates, Rows, and Galbreaths, among many others. At least two veterans of the War of 1812 are buried in this cemetery. At some point, the date is not certain, the EUB Church in Ottawa began using the Pioneer Cemetery as ground for burials from their sect. The Pioneer Cemetery came to be known around this time by the third of its formal names, the United Brethren Cemetery. Burials continued to be performed at the Pioneer Cemetery through the end of the 1800's. The two last burials of the United Brethren Church were one in 1910 and one after the church had disbanded in 1937.
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